Research Interests

Technology for the good of humanity

Areas of Research


Technologies are advancing at a fantastic rate, but their implementation is not neutral. My work studies the disparities in outcomes across gender and racial groups. For peer-to-peer platforms, I examine how these identities are introduced onto the platform, and for algorithms I research differences in outcomes.

Online Pro-Social Behavior

Why do people do nice things for each other? My research on donation-based crowdfunding examines those questions. One paper examines the role of empathy in donation-based crowdfunding. Another work looks at the influence of corporate sponsorship on donation patterns.

Digital Platforms

Digital platforms are an integral part of everyday life. My research examines how particular elements of the platform influence individual outcomes and also how consumer behavior can change in response to others.


Networks contain information about relationships, and those relationships can influence economic choices. One of my prior projects examined the information content in economic networks.


Cryptocurrencies exploded in popularity in 2017 yet the SEC warned against U.S. investment. The transparency of the blockchain did not prevent fraud in cryptocurrencies, so my research examines the trust-building mechanisms and the reputation systems for initial coin offerings of Ethereum tokens.

Ethics in Technology

My latest research projects are examining the ethics framework for technology and AI.


My full CV is available here.

Work is love made visible.
— Khalil Gibran